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Telferscot Action Group, or TAG for short, is a group of concerned parents that have formed to exert some influence over the future growth of the school.

Our aims remain pretty simple:

We want to block the proposed housing development on the old church hall site, next door to Telferscot Primary School.

We want to work with Lambeth council and other relevant bodies to secure the funds needed to purchase the land, in order to meet the school's future needs.

And, we want to ensure that as the school inevitably grows, we preserve the things that have made Telferscot a really great school, with first class facilities and a stimulating learning environment for our kids.

"Hyde Farm is a conservation area. Surely, this means we should be attempting to preserve the history and buildings within the conservation area? The hall may need some repairs but with a little work it could easily be restored. It seems a terrible shame to me to knock down such an interesting building which is one of a kind amongst the surrounding residential buildings."
Objection taken from Lambeth Planning database.
— 1 year ago