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Telferscot Action Group, or TAG for short, is a group of concerned parents that have formed to exert some influence over the future growth of the school.

Our aims remain pretty simple:

We want to block the proposed housing development on the old church hall site, next door to Telferscot Primary School.

We want to work with Lambeth council and other relevant bodies to secure the funds needed to purchase the land, in order to meet the school's future needs.

And, we want to ensure that as the school inevitably grows, we preserve the things that have made Telferscot a really great school, with first class facilities and a stimulating learning environment for our kids.

A Bit More Background

Currently a one form entry school on the Hyde Farm Estate in Balham, South West London, Telferscot Primary School has been asked by Lambeth council to take ‘bulge’ classes for the last two years. At a stroke, this has added nearly 60 children to an already crowded school site.

To accommodate these bulge classes, important facilities have been lost, including a wonderful library and the nursery classroom. The nursery children are now housed in an unsuitable former site officer’s house. The likelihood of a third bulge year puts our ICT suite under threat. And to exacerbate things further, new facilities that were promised by Lambeth council have failed to materialise.

At a time of increasing demand for school places in the area, we believe that future bulges and the eventual expansion of the school to two form entry are inevitable.

We want to ensure that as this happens, the future of our school is properly considered and designed.  We want to ensure that local children can continue to get a place at a great school that retains the learning facilities and recreational spaces that have made it so successful in recent years.

We don’t want a ‘make it up as you go along’ approach to growth and we won’t let our kids suffer the consequences of this.

The old church hall site next to the school has been available for sale and possible development. Securing this site would give us a golden opportunity to take some control over how the expansion of Telferscot is managed.

We want to grab this chance of a bigger and better site while there is still a possibility. It will not be there for long…